Bandon Dunes

Delivering a Bandon Dunes Experience

August 4, 2011 by 28 Comments

Delivering a Bandon Dunes Experience

Hank Hickox –

Vice President, KemperSports

General Manager, Bandon Dunes Golf Resort


People often ask me if Bandon Dunes has a VIP Program – where certain guests would receive a special amount of attention, amenities and services. My answer: Yes, we do – and every guest is already enrolled in the program. The truth is – we strive to treat every guest like a VIP. Whether you’ve flown halfway across the world on a
private jet – or you’ve saved up money for months to make the voyage to Bandon Dunes – all of our guests will be treated with the same amount of respect and courtesy. Our goal is to provide an experience that will create long-lasting and fond memories for years to come.

And that commitment to delivering memories and exceptional customer service starts with the people that work at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. From the shuttle drivers, wait staff, course rangers to our caddies, everyone at the Resort is a tremendous person who has a natural, “built-in” friendly bone. Their friendliness is never taught or forced – they are naturally genuine, helpful and friendly people.

When our guests arrive at the Resort, they are immediately transplanted to a place that strives to deliver a golf experience that is “Golf as it’s meant to be.”

Here are a few helpful tips for experiencing Bandon Dunes to its fullest:

  • Play all four courses – In order to experience the diversity that the four courses offer, I always encourage everyone to play all four courses at the Resort. For me, the courses are like my children – I love them all equally.
  • Take a caddy – Our caddies are the ambassadors of the Resort. Their knowledge of the courses and outgoing personalities will only add to your enjoyment to the golf courses.
  • Visit the labyrinth – Located on a hiking trail behind the Chrome Lake lodges, the labyrinth will be a nice change of pace and one of the most peaceful locations on property. The front desk can give you a map on how to get to the labyrinth – it’s worth the 10-minute walk.
  • Use the practice facility and play Shorty’s – Playing links golf is a very different type of golf that requires playing low shots that use the contours of the ground and cut the wind – Hone some of your links shots on our vast practice facility and take the time to play Shorty’s – our par-3, nine-hole course at the practice facility. Your game will thank you.
  • Eat, drink and be merry – Indulge in the delicious food, sample some of our vast scotch and wine offerings and sit back and relax.
  • If you have a request, ask – When I arrived at Bandon Dunes more than 11 years ago, I immediately realized that, within reason, Bandon Dunes doesn’t like to say “no.” We do our very best not to inundate our guests with rules and stipulations. If a guest needs something, we’ll do our best to accommodate their need.

Comments (28)

Kneeland Wright on Aug 08, 2011


My experience tells me that it comes down from the top. Good, bad or indifferent. Churches, schools or golf resorts.
My hat is off to you for being the driving force that makes Bandon Dunes the special place that it is.
I so look forward to returning.

Kneeland Wright

Jason Rakowski on Aug 08, 2011

Just wanted to say HI. I found your blog a few days ago on Technorati and have been reading it over the past few days.

Rick Byers on Aug 08, 2011

We we’re there on our honeymoon last year. We experienced everything you mentioned, and you are so right. Absolutely my favorite place I have ever been. Food, drink, Golf course, caddy, incomparable. My only complaint….We didn’t play all four course,, but we will definitley be back to finish!

Scott Sword on Aug 08, 2011

My wife and I played Old Mac Monday morning and had a awesome experience. Our caddy Brad Beckham carried both bags and was extremely helpful with his knowledge of the course. The food, drinks, accommodations and staff were excellent!

We were celebrating our 32nd wedding anniversary and plan to spend the rest of them at Bandon Dunes.

Bob Peele on Aug 08, 2011

Dear Hank , You’re the Best ! ! ! Please look in on my dear friends , Breck and Nancy Hanson . They are on the property until Saturday . Breck is also a friend of Mike’s . Casey Mathews is on their bags . Your personal touch would be the “Icing on their Cake” . Warm regards ,Bob Peele

Arthur Little on Aug 08, 2011

Bandon is indeed a special experience. My wife and I have been 5 times and are going back in October.
Bandon has done an exceptional job with the tee set up on all their courses so even if you don’t hit the ball a long way, you’ll be comfortable. Check out the story about Old Macdonald on our website,

Christine Moehring on Aug 08, 2011

Locals, like me, also enjoy the Bandon Dunes experience–great restaurants, golf, and just being in such a beautiful place. And Hank is truly THE BEST! He brings out the best in everyone who works at BD.

bruce donohue on Aug 08, 2011

Hank, evrything you said is true. I’ve been 21 times, over 200 rounds since 2002.ALWAYS treated like a Member of special club. You left out the part about enjoying a Cigar and a sambuca with Alex and Phil Sabol in the Bunker Bar!

Tim Marvin on Aug 08, 2011

We can’t wait to come out there from Virginia. My son always mentions going to Oregon for golfing. He’s 6. We’re planning on coming in 2012. Play all 4 courses…okay, if you say so, you don’t have to twist our arms…hahaha We can’t wait!

Glenn Hagberg on Aug 08, 2011

I visited Bandon Dunes for the first time just about a month ago during the U.S Public Links Championship. The property and facilities are as unbelievable as everyone says. However, the attention to the staff gave me to ensure that my time there was special in the midst of 300 of the top amateur player on property was just awesome! I can’t stop telling people about my time at Bandon.

Clay Peeples on Aug 08, 2011

Bandon Dunes was the greatest golf experience I’ve ever had. We played all four courses the hard way, walking 90 holes in three days, but I’m glad we got to see them all. The accomadations, sevice and golf experience could not have been any better, other than eliminating a few double bogeys!

tom farewell on Aug 08, 2011

Hank I have stayed at the resort 5 times now and wil be there in Jan. One thing about your staff that I have learned about your staff is ther are no problems at Bandon Dunes only soultions. Keep up the great work

Brian Kim on Aug 08, 2011

Mr. Hickox – a former Bandon pro told me before our trip that “Bandon Dunes cannot be overhyped”. My golf group just left, sadly, and agree 100%: best. golf. trip. ever. Thank you!

Mike Zdyb on Aug 08, 2011

Hank, You are absolutley right about the way a golfer /guest is treated during their stay at Bandon. I was out last week with my 2 adult sons. We played all four courses at least once and used a caddy each time. For folks considering their first trip, everything Hanks mentions in his article is right on and then some. You will be in for a real treat. We were living the high life and will be back soon.

Hoke Board on Aug 08, 2011

Played all four courses two weeks ago. Absolute dream. The staff, the venue, the environment; best in the world. The new world standard in golf. Thank you Bandon staff, David Kidd, Tom Doak, Coore, Crenshaw, crew and shapers and most of all Mike Kieser, thank you, thank you, thank you.

David Toy on Aug 08, 2011

Hi Hank, I’m looking forward to enjoying the golf and resort next week for three days with my son Zac. We’re celebrating his 30th birthday with this trip and he’ll be playing twice a day. I think he’s playing all the courses. I’ll be playing once a day and relaxing in the resort in the afternoons. I have a minor chronic ankle injury that limits my golf to one round. I’m an avid cyclist and hope you can help me map some routes to take a few long rides in the back country while my son is on his second rounds. Thanks, David

Bandon Dunes on Aug 08, 2011

Mr. Toy,

The front desk staff will be able to guide you to some of the best cycling routes on the west coast. Enjoy the scenery.

John B on Aug 08, 2011

General Comment: My fourth visit since 2002. Recommend Robert King as a caddy. Most recent visit August 17-21, 2011. Played all the courses accept Bandon Trails. Old Mac is on a windy day was very tough. Bandon Dunes and Pacific Dunes are my favorite courses.

Jim Vail on Aug 08, 2011

I want say what a pleasurable experiance I had yesteday with the Ray Park group.I found myself unable to continue walking after a few holes and was ready to quite. Insteaed our caddy aranged for a cart ride with two of your rangers so I was able to finnish the round. it turnd out a wonderful day.thanks to your caddys and rangers. The views are spectacular.

Jason Krick on Sep 09, 2011

Hank – I wrote to you in February of this year, and you know how I feel about your staff: Shoe, Kerry, Eric, everyone. You all live and breathe golf and service. It is all about the golf, but you make me feel like family when I’m there. I’m in the process of planning my January visit right now.

David Strickland on Sep 09, 2011

Hank, Bandon is a unique experience in the golfing kingdom and I am glad it is in Oregon, 4 hours from my home. Our group is coming back for the 8th time next Feb and I am bringing my 18 year old son for the first time. I can’t wait to see the look on his face after our rounds. Many thanks and cheers to you!!!

Catherine Cross on Sep 09, 2011

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort should be on everyones “bucket list”!
Just returned home after a week of unbelieveable golf, lodging, food and hospitality……..A foursome of gals, {with loopers Scott P and Jeff H} that had a GREAT time!

jim higgins on Sep 09, 2011

We recently enjoyed all four courses. Our group of 8 experienced the disneyworld for golfers. Our caddies were excellent and the staff, accommodations, food and facilities were all excellent.

Dave Kiersznowski on Sep 09, 2011

Hank, my brother in law (Chuck Duda) and I arrive later today, and I’m not sure I’ve ever anticipated a trip more (be it Scotland or the Monterey Peninsula). We were only signed up to play 3 courses, but after reading your blog we’ve decided to do 36 on Thursday. Thanks for the tips! Can’t wait to get there.

Jeff Prokop on Oct 10, 2011

Hank – you might have the best job in golf. I will be making my fourth trip next month after discovering Bandon two years ago. I have probably shared my incredible experiences with hundreds since then…what is awesome is that because of the wind changes from season to season, the courses play totally different in Nov than they do in May. Can’t wait.

Tim Stannard on Nov 11, 2011

Just returned from a 48 hour 72 hole odyssey to Bandon. There is nothing like this place anywhere else I’ve played, true links golf, I still can’t believe I had a 100 yard putt! Don’t believe the ratings, I loved trails the best and can’t wait to play the new par three next year, only next time I’m bringing my buddies. Here are my best places to play: 1: Trails, 2: Mac, 3: Dunes, 4: Pacific. As a guy who rides a cart too often I now remember what real golf feels like, I played so much better when I approached every shot from behind on foot. My tips: if you’re used to riding, bring softer style shoes, my feet still hurt after walking my first 36 in stiff golf shoes and carrying my bag. If you don’t use a caddy, take one of those funny looking carts, they’re a breeze and you can roll them right over the greens. I’ll be back…

Bennett Adelson on Nov 11, 2011

Bandon Dunes. Best place on earth.

Emily Francona on Mar 03, 2012

Although we no longer golf, we return to Bandon Dunes often and are made just as welcome as any other guests. This is a remarkable resort and the hospitality is superb without being pretentious. Mike Kaiser’s vision and Hank’s leadership are evident everywhere.


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