Bandon Dunes

VIDEO: Mastering the Long Putt with Grant Rogers

October 29, 2013 by 5 Comments

Grant Rogers, Director of Instruction at Bandon Dunes

It’s an adage as old as the game — the modern game, at least: “Drive for show, putt for dough.” It means a round of golf is won or lost while the putter is in your hands.

The short game is arguably the toughest to master. Especially in a links setting, the short game is paramount. It can feel strange at first to approach a green from fifty-plus yards with a putter.

In a continuing series of short videos, Grant Rogers, Director of Instruction at Bandon Dunes┬ádemonstrates techniques associated with links golf. Most importantly, he’ll help you become a better golfer.

This video is titled, “Mastering the long putt.”

Don’t be afraid to putt it from off the green. Read the break. Keep trying. You’ll get better.

Comments (5)

Jeff Brinegar on Oct 10, 2013

An authentic american legend… Grant Rogers keeps it simple, keeps it fun and keeps it real. And once again, do not accept his challenge for a putting match even if he offers to use his wedge instead of a putter…

Willie West on Oct 10, 2013

Grant is the man! Took a class with him my first year going to Bandon back in 2000. We go every year and I always have a putt of at least 70 yards out!

Kyle Stanton on Oct 10, 2013

Did you get your oddessy putter fixed. I thought you broke the insert.

Stu Hale on Oct 10, 2013

I either putt or sometimes use a 7 iron. Love the fast greens at Bandon! See you in December for 5 days.

Chris Morrow on Jan 01, 2014

Not a shot that one typically employs on the usual parkland course but certainly very effective on the links. As Mr. Rogers indicates, it does take a bit of practice but almost immediately it is more reliable than the wedge. Very excited for my next trip to Bandon; wish I was already there playing in shorts and shirtsleeves in mid January. Awesome.


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