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VIDEO: Classic Bunker Shot with Grant Rogers

November 19, 2013 by 3 Comments

“On the beach…”

“Fried egg…”

“Trapped in the bunker…”

We’ve all been there. The ball leaps off the club face, tracing a perfect arc across a crisp blue sky. It sails pleasingly over a sea of green, glides back to Earth toward the intended target and then lands with a flump against the lip of a deep and ratty bunker.

No need to worry. Sand, especially in a links setting, can be your friend.

The following is another video in an ongoing series with Grant Rogers, director of instruction at Bandon Dunes. The videos are designed to give you quick tips to help you become a better golfer. In this video Grant suggests three tips for successfully escaping a greenside bunker.

With a few simple techniques and a little confidence, you’ll be hitting out with ease and maybe – just maybe! – incorporating a bunker or two into your overall strategy.


Comments (3)

Chris Hawthorne on Nov 11, 2013

Gary Player compared following through in a green side bunker to striking a match. It doesn’t work if you hesitate anywhere before the finish.

Jeff Brinegar on Nov 11, 2013

One of the reasons Grant is so successful out of the bunkers is because he has an exceptional finish position on every shot he hits. He told me a story once about a student of his that he had worked with regarding the importance of the finish position. One rainy day Grant was driving by the practice center where this student often practiced. When Grant saw him practicing in the rain he was proud, but then he noticed something that was unacceptable – the student was not holding his finish position. Grant proceeded to drive over to the student and take his clubs from him while reminding him that they had agreed to finish every swing and that until he realized the importance of that coaching he would not be able to have his clubs back… That player ended up being one of the best players in the state and to this day, at least when Grant is watching, he holds his finish on every swing.

Grant, we love you. You are a genuine legend and I’m proud to know you. Bandon Dunes is what it is because of people/teachers/extreme golfers like you!

Chris Morrow on Jan 01, 2014

excellent advice and very well photographed; can’t wait to aim at some of those awesome Bandon bunkers in approximately 62 days.


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