Bandon Dunes

VIDEO: Pacific Dunes No. 11 with Grant Rogers

January 28, 2014 by 3 Comments

The phrase, “The safest place is on the green,” should be etched in stone somewhere. At Bandon Dunes, this notion is best illustrated at Pacific Dunes’ par-3 11th hole. From the tee to the slightest edge of the green, there is no escape.

On the left are windy cliffs with hungry gorse bushes willing to swallow golf balls whole, given half a chance and a slight breeze. Farther out beyond the cliffs, the Pacific Ocean yawns at your praises of its beauty. The front of the green is guarded by two gnarly bunker faces, that if you saw them walking down the street you would cross, enter the nearest door, find a place to hide and call your mother. Thinking of bailing right? You might as well just stomp your ball into the turf right now.

Luckily we have Grant Rogers, director of instruction at Bandon Dunes to take us on a journey from tee to green.


Comments (3)

Rob Hallford on Jan 01, 2014

I was wondering how to play that hole. Now I know you should just knock it on the green and two putt.

I am curious if there might be more subtlety than that. From the tee all I remember is beach left, wall of sand short, but isn’t there more room right than it looks? Depending on where the pin is, are there slopes that can feed the ball to the hole, making the effective landing area larger? How does playing in different wind conditions change your approach (isn’t the predominant wind into the player?)?

Tim Scahill on Jan 01, 2014

Great points!

I chatted with Grant quickly about your comment. I’ll do my best to recall what he said. First off, you’re right about the wind, in the summer the north wind is going to effect your club selection and how much loft you want to put on the ball. This video was made in the winter when the wind is headed south.

As far as hitting right goes, there are some spots that will kick your ball back left putting it closer to the hole but it is a higher risk/reward shot if you do choose to go right (lots of rough and there is that bunker over there too, so be careful). Also, like you were saying in your comment, a lot depends on pin placement.

Thanks again and keep checking back for more instructional videos from Grant,

Jeff Brinegar on Jan 01, 2014

What’s really fun is to watch Grant hit a bunt driver on this hole into a north wind. He basically starts it out over the ocean and lets the wind bring the ball back to this somewhat small green… Or, when he uses his putter from the tee.

One day when we were playing Trails from the black tees Grant used his putter on #2 for his tee shot. From 214 yards he put it to 10 feet.

If you ever get the chance to play with Grant do it. The stories he tells and the smiles he inspires will make you want to turn from #18 right back to #1 and keep playing.


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