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July 19, 2011 by 41 Comments

Hello and welcome to The Bandon Blog. Located on the Bandon Dunes homepage, The Bandon Blog will give you all the recent news coming from the Resort as well as give you some insight into the expertise and personalities of some of the staffers at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. The blog will allow for our online community to interact with one another by asking questions and give insight into some of the topics at the Resort. We encourage everyone to comment and give feedback on our blog postings.

Blog entries will be posted every two weeks with topics ranging from links golf to new Oregon wines to the seasons newest golf apparel.

Blogs will also be linked to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

For story ideas or questions, please contact

Bandon Dunes - Old Mac

Old Macdonald golf course at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Comments (41)

ryan on Jul 07, 2011

I’m a local landscaper with an appreciation of fine golf courses. I love your website, it’s so easy to find information. I also love your golf courses. I’m looking forward to more blog posts.

Justin on Jul 07, 2011

When does the Preserve open up? What time frame can we play the Sheep Ranch?

Todd Masot on Jul 07, 2011

What an honor to be able to post the first comment about one of the greatest places I love to go to. I dream about the Bandon courses constantly and am very excited to get to return for my 3rd trip there in Sept. Get ready Sasha…I’m excited to see ya!

Grimmer on Jul 07, 2011

we definitely got to go back. yeah, i’m talking to you massey.

Mark Levine on Jul 07, 2011

Great idea, I’ll be following closely. Just got back from Bandon and I miss you guys, so this will have to do for now!

bkoehnemann on Jul 07, 2011

The Bandon Preserve is growing in nicely and will open next June. Bandon Dunes Resort Superintendent Ken Nice will be writing a blog entry in the next few months with a course tour of The Preserve.

Kevin Sutton on Jul 07, 2011

Now that United has started regional jet service to North Bend. Have you talked with United about flying a regional jet from Denver? Service from Denver would help avoid weather delays at San Fran and help those of us coming from the east coast. I flew through Portland this month, but still had to wait on a late plane from San Fran.

Jeff on Jul 07, 2011

So I will be heading to Bandon in 3 weeks. What should I be sure to take?

bkoehnemann on Aug 08, 2011

We hope you’re looking forward to your trip to Bandon Dunes. Be sure to bring your camera as you’ll want to capture the memorable golf experience.

MKD on Aug 08, 2011

We arrive on Thursday for our 11th year in a row. Can’t wait.
I love the on course camera, could one go up on the new Pacific clubhouse-restaurant? Would show a few holes.
A wind gauge would be interesting on the site also…might scare some people though. :-)

bkoehnemann on Aug 08, 2011

Glad you’re arriving this week. The weather is set to be amazing through the weekend.

Harry on Aug 08, 2011

Love the enhancements to the website. Jeff, I’ve been once before and would suggest comfy shoes and your imagination – fun to get creative out there with some of the shots.

I’ll be coming from Boston at the end of August. Bringing a friend who’s never been to Oregon. Can’t wait to show him my home state and the finest piece of golf property I’ve certainly ever seen.

Andrew on Aug 08, 2011

We are headed to Bandon August 23rd for nine rounds. Any suggestions for caddies?

Bandon Dunes on Aug 08, 2011

All of our senior caddies are experienced and will only add to your experience. Call 888.345.6008 and ask for caddies services. They’ll connect you with your caddy for your visit.

Nyk Pike on Aug 08, 2011

Are these posts coming from the future? Today is Aug 5th and the posted date on many of the comments are Aug 08, 2011. Bandon is always ahead of the curve.

Paul Hausbeck on Aug 08, 2011

I am coming back next month for my third time and bringing my 15 year old for his first time. Are there any junior only type opportunities or specific caddies. He is a 5 handicap so I know he will love it like I have.

Craig Baingo on Aug 08, 2011

My best girl Janis is bringing me out tomorrow for my birthday this weekend. Been looking forward to it for a long time..I’m sure it will be great. Can’t wait!

Archie Cart on Aug 08, 2011

Been getting anxious about my return trip to Bandon Dunes later this month (last visited in 2006). I have been viewing your real time cameras daily. Do you ever put the pin on the right side of the 18th green on Bandon Dunes?

Bandon Dunes on Aug 08, 2011

Yes, we can put the pin on the right side of the green. We hope you enjoy your visit at the end of this month. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to make your visit a little more enjoyable.

Archie Cart on Aug 08, 2011

Ant body wearing shorts around there this week. We are arriving in a few days, got plenty of jackets but wondering about shorts versus slacks.

Bandon Dunes on Aug 08, 2011

Yes, many guests are wearing shorts.

Tony Barber on Aug 08, 2011

Just there for first time last week. What a great place. Seth is a GREAT caddie for those wanting a recommendation! If you are playing a lot, I recommend comfortable shoes, good socks, moleskin (available at the gift shop), chapstick, sunscreen, Buedreaux’s and long pants. The golf is amazing and you will want to play all you can so come prepared! Great place!

S Chan on Sep 09, 2011

What happened to the course cam??

S Chan on Sep 09, 2011

Whoop’s my mistake, course cam is back on. Always fun to check out the weather from my office computer to see what I’m missing!!

Dale on Sep 09, 2011

Looking for any infor on becoming a Bandon Dunes Caddie..Thanks

Bandon Dunes on Sep 09, 2011

You can call the main number (888) 345-6008 and ask to be tranferred to caddy services. They can help.

Paul on Sep 09, 2011


I understand that a DVD showcasing Old MacDonald is in the works. Any idea when it will be available for purchase?


Bandon Dunes on Sep 09, 2011

The Old Macdonald DVD’s will be available on our website early next week. Please check back and we hope you enjoy the video.

Paul Cannaley on Oct 10, 2011

8 of us will be making our first trip there in a few weeks and can’t wait. Most of us enjoy cigars and intended to bring several. Can we smoke our own in the The Bunker Bar, or can you only smoke those purchased onsite?

Thanks in Advance…

Bandon Dunes on Oct 10, 2011

You’re welcome to bring your own cigars into the Bunker Bar. If it’s a nice night, I may also suggest the fire pit outside of McKee’s Pub as a great location for a cigar and cocktail.

Alan Kist on Oct 10, 2011

One month since I played all the courses and am still on a high. It was the best golf experience of my life. I don’t think Bandon Trails gets enough credit, even though I thought Bandon Dunes the best course, but hard to separate any of them by much. Won’t be my last visit.

toygolfer on Oct 10, 2011

A group of us are coming in mid-November. What’s the average weather then and can we bring our own golf carts?

Camille Surdi on Nov 11, 2011

Have been to Bandon Dunes twice and by far is mt favorite place to play golf, and I have played many great courses. I just found the web cam on the website and am now there everyday. Thanks for hooking me up, and will be there in person soon enough.

Bandon Dunes on Nov 11, 2011

The weather should be great for your trip, but bring your rain gear…just in case.

You can bring your own pull cart, but Bandon Dunes is a “walking-only” facility, so motorized carts aren’t allowed.

Paul on Nov 11, 2011

Greetings Fine Bandon Dunes People!
Any update on the Old MacDonald DVD? I thought it might be available in September, but don’t see it on your site.


Tyler on Jan 01, 2012

What is a looper?

Paul Sr on Feb 02, 2012

First trip next week…have been hoping to do this for years. Now, all four courses and additional rounds with my son…how good is that? “Have fun fast”…my motto.

Tony on Mar 03, 2012

The Canadians are back there in only a few days for our 9th year of our Bandon Tour. Stock up the wine.

Tommy on Jul 07, 2012

A “looper” is slang for caddie, or as I like to callem my bagman.

Jim Frazee on Aug 08, 2012

Yes, the courses at Bandon are the stuff of dreams. I played there a number of years ago with my brother and his wife, Oregon residents, and the golf here on the east coast has never quite measured up. My wife and I are returning in March to celebrate my retirement, by playing all five courses with our Oregon family. (up from 2 the first time around) Can’t wait!

Tony Chan on Mar 03, 2014

The Canadians from Vancouver are back again for our 10th year. The excitement level is as high as the first time, but now it also feels like home.


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