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    Golf as it was meant to be...

    Bandon Dunes is true to the spirit of Scotland’s ancient links.  

    Here, players immerse themselves in the traditions of a timeless game and the grandeur of Oregon’s rugged coast. Sweeping, untamed shores stretch for miles. Primeval grassy dunes roll to the sea.  

    Six distinct links courses have been conceived in harmony with the natural environment. They combine with all the essential elements to reveal a new golf experience every time you play. The soul of the game resides here. Players walk. And at the end of the day, gracious hospitality comforts each guest like a warm, friendly embrace.

    This is Bandon Dunes. This is golf as it was meant to be.

    Denver to North Bend

  • What the experts are saying...

    "I don't want to sound like a broken record, but the needle, turntable and amplifier don't lie: Bandon Dunes rocks."    - GOLF Magazine

    "For my time and money, Bandon Dunes is the greatest pure golf experience in the world. Period."    - Golf Digest

    "The consensus number-one golf resort in the country, Bandon Dunes is at the top of just about every golfer’s bucket list."    
    - LINKS Magazine

    "The number-one pure golf destination in America."    - Golf Channel

    "It is here, on this remote stretch of the wildly stunning Oregon coast, where the finest golf courses in the whole world quietly await you."    - Golf Odyssey

    Dream Golf Magazine

  • Awards and Accolades

    Golfweek, Top 200 Resort Golf Courses in the U.S. (2021)
    Pacific Dunes, #2
    Old Macdonald, #4
    Bandon Dunes, #6
    Sheep Ranch #8
    Bandon Trails, #10

    Golf Digest, America’s 100 Greatest Public Courses (2021)
    Pacific Dunes, #2
    Bandon Dunes, #7
    Old Macdonald, #12
    Bandon Trails, #13
    Sheep Ranch #15

    Golf Digest, America’s 100 Greatest Courses (2021-22)
    Pacific Dunes, #18
    Bandon Dunes, #37
    Old Macdonald, #56
    Bandon Trails, #67

    Golf Digest, Best New Course (2020)
    Sheep Ranch

    GOLF Magazine, Top 100 Courses (2020-21)
    Pacific Dunes, #19
    Bandon Trails, #38
    Bandon Dunes, #44
    Old Macdonald, #66
    Sheep Ranch, #80

    GOLF Magazine, Top 100 Resorts
    #1 Best Buddies Trip Destination Resort (2019-2020)

    Golf World Top 100: Best Golf Resorts in the World
    #1 Bandon Dunes Golf Resort